An Overview of Lazy Lions

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are regarded as the most advanced concept of modern times that have emerged from blockchain technology. They provide numerous benefits, such as, secure digital content, provide provenance, and encode conditional transactions, all of which are embedded within the blockchain.

Lazy Lions first made an appearance on August 7th, 2021. Consequently, four friends from Sydney, Australia, turned their attention to the NFT market, while under lockdown. There are four additional members in the team, namely, Ashur, Anlion, Nine, and Nin. The art was created by rizzio.eth.

The idea was inspired by the creators’ cultural heritage, especially since a lion symbolizes magnificent strength within the ancient Assyrian society.

On the other hand, Lions have a broad cultural appeal since they are commonly regarded as the “King of the Jungle.’’ Additionally, they have been serving as a vital indicator of strength for generations.

Lazy Lions is a ‘blue-chip NFT’ — which means NFTs with longevity and predicted to be present in the upcoming 5–10 years. It is hosted on the Ethereum blockchain and has algorithmically generated over 160 different traits, thereby joining the top rank of NFT collections, such as CryptoPunks and the Bored Ape Yacht Club. This NFT collection managed to sell out within 5 hours, with 3,000–4,000 people in the sale.

In total, there are nine 1-of-1 Lazy Lion NFTs — all of which are displayed below:

As of now, Lazy Lions is ranked 36th in terms of all-time sales across blockchain platforms, as per CryptoSlam data. Lazy Lions has a cumulative sales volume of over 24.2k ETH and 5000 owners.


Following its introduction, the average price of the Lazy Lions collection skyrocketed. This success was further fueled by organic development and its addition of numerous high-profile names, including entertainer Ja Rule in September, followed by renowned influencer Jake Paul and NBA player Tyrese Haliburton — just to name a few. .

Back in September, the company that produces Arizona Ice Tea joined as well. As a result, these actions assisted the rise of Lazy Lions’ floor price, which eventually reached an all-time high of 3.67 ETH on October 1st, 2021.

Unfortunately, as of October 2021, the average price has been declining as the NFT sector entered a bear market. Due to this, it eventually reached an all-time low of below 1 ETH on December 5th.

Why Should You Own a Lazy Lion?

The rise of Lazy Lions demonstrates its ability to create a solid community and give back. Each lion owner is referred to as the “King” or “Queen”, thereby emphasizing inclusivity. Lazy Lions’ goals are supported through community funds.

Here are some perks for the holders:


The ROARwards program is one that allows Lazy Lion holders to earn ETH for community activity. It was also one of the early driving force for the projects development. Each month new objectives are assigned for the users to complete, so that they could be considered for rewards. More information about this could be found on their Discord channel.

Rather than distributing massive amount of money to celebrities and influencers, Lazy Lion holders decided that it would be better to allocate it amongst their members, in recognition of community-driven marketing.


Image cred: OpenSea

In November, the project released the Bungalows dApp, which provides each Lazy Lions owner with a unique and randomly generated private bungalow to showcase their NFTs.

Bungalows can be used as a Twitter banner image for the purpose of showing off, not just for Lions, but any object from your NFT collection. Honestly, this is such a great way for NFT art projects to show some unique utility and expansion to their collection. It goes beyond just being a standard JPEG. Clearly this helped drive activity in the community, and for a prospective investor, VALUE.


Following the popularity of Lazy Lions, the team introduced collectibles as a way for new NFT members to get involved in the community. It will grant them the chance of joining the pride without having to spend money on the floor.

Furthermore, Lazy Lion owners gain unique access to a private island in the Sandbox, thanks to developer funds used to purchase land in the metaverse. The private island also provides holders with a virtual experience and will be used in exploring web3 possibilities.

Lazy Lions’ Long-Term Prospects

With an ERC-20 token on the horizon, the future of Lazy Lions’ looks bright, albeit the team has previously stated that they will not publish a token until the utility is proven. A play-to-earn game is also planned to solidify the project’s status as a “blue-chip NFT.”

To Wrap Up

When it comes to Lazy Lions, this NFT collection shows greater potential. With the far-sighted vision of founders, continuous development, and exceptionally strong community, NFTDistrict anticipates vertical growth of this collection.

If you are uncertain about investing in Lazy Lions, we believe that the team and community could help you significantly. However, if you are new to NFT investments and are thinking about this project, make sure to conduct your own research prior to making any decision.

Overall, “Lazy Lions” receives a rating of 9.3/10 from us. What’s your rating?